rollbare Gey- Terrassenkamine

warmth and ambience for your garden - heating and grilling

This chimenea is an exclusive outdoor fireplace for your garden made of

non-rusting stainless steal,
Copper and
solid cast iron.

For over 25 Years the family with the name Gey from Northern Germany builds outdoor fireplaces of unbeaten quality and delivers to all European countries.

The terrace chimnea is movable on its 4 wheels.

This chimenea is ideal for heating and grilling.

terrace-chimenea double-dome,
stainless steal,
outside dome pure copper

Almost every garden owener is dreaming of a fireplace in the garden that allows him to sit on his terrace till late in evening enjoying his wonderful garden.

How nice would it be to have a warm open fire so that the evening will not end because of the cold of the night?.

The most elegant way to get yurself a comfortable fire in your garden is this movable terrace-chimenea.

Most outside fireplaces are placed somewhere in the garden or in the corner of the terrace and you have to move all your garden furniture in front of the fireplace. This means also you will have a lot of warmth to your front but freeze at your back.

Unlike that this movable terrace-chimenea can be moved in front of your garden furniture and the wide radiation of the heating fireplace will give warmth to the whole group.

You will find more pictures of the terrace-chimenea on this side - try the german buttons. We are working to get you more informations in englisch soon.

Please ask for more informations and prices with the help of our contact-button: Kontakt/Prospekte

Leo Gey
Please come to convice yourselve about the beauty and quality of the terrace-chimenea!
Stührmannshöhe 17
If you plan to visit us, please contact us unter 0049 (0) 4206 9636
28816 Stuhr (near Bremen) The showroom is not open regulary. We would be pleased to show you our chimenea.

outdoor fireplace made of stainless steal
You can get 3 Versions of the movable garden chimnea:

The inner dome and the hole contruction up from the massive cast-iron-plate is allways made of stainless steal (Quality DIN 1.4571).

The outer dome of the chiminea is variable

version steal

outer dome

stainless steal

(DIN 1.4571)

version black:
 outer dome
stainless steal
(DIN 1.4571)
black coated
version copper
 outer dome
massive copper
1 mm strong
will get patina
chiminea left:
terrace-chimenea double dome,
stainless steal black coated

It`s nice to have a wonderful garden - it`s even nicer to enjoy the garden in the evening with a wonderful warming fireplace.

Barbequeing ist great.

This chimenea can be completed

with a grill out of stainless steal.

chimenea version copper with grill insert

The grill ist adjustable in hight

and can be swung out.

terrace chimenea




stainless steal, barbecue

GER: Terrassenkamin, Grill

DK: haven pejs, grill

FR: jardin cheminée, barbecue, grill

IT: giardino camino, barbecue

NL, B: buitenhaard, tuin haard, tuinhaard, barbecue

SP: jardín chimenea, parilla estufa

SW: trädgård spis, galler, barbecue

Contact us for further informations and prices:

Leo Gey Kaminbau
28816 Stuhr

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Stilvoll Heizen und Grillen mit dem rollbaren Gey-Terrassenkamin